Happy Fit-versary!

It’s my one year fit-versary! A year ago I decided it was time to jump, both figuratively and literally. I was not fit or really all that healthy. I hadn’t gone to the gym or done any home workouts. I rarely ate vegetables. I thought I was active with four little kids, but could barely … Continue reading Happy Fit-versary!

Fall-Inspired {Healthy} Pumpkin Muffins – Two Ways

Now, back to the fall-inspired pumpkin muffins…I wanted to make some muffins for a parent coffee I was co-hosting with a fellow room parent. I knew if I made them, I’d likely have leftovers and well, I’m not going to have decadently, rich (read: high fat and loads of sugar) treats in the house while I’m eating clean. So, I found two really great recipes and “healthified” one of them. Continue reading Fall-Inspired {Healthy} Pumpkin Muffins – Two Ways